Thursday, May 21, 2009

Teatro IATI Turns 40

Teatro IATI (International Theater Arts Institute), one of the most well-known and respected Latino theatrical organizations in the U.S., celebrates today its 40th anniversary. Born in New York's Lower East Side in the heyday of the civil rights movement and in the emblematic year of 1968, the company was from the begining part of a vibrant and age-changing cultural scene, along with the Nuyorican poets and playwrights movement, the Young Lords social and political activism, and the creation of El Museo, among other momentous events. In the past four decades, this non-profit organization has staged more than 100 productions, 3,500 performances, and 80 stage readings, made tour performances in Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela and earned 47 Awards, including two at the prestigious Small Format Theater Festival in Havana, Cuba, in 2002, and developed an important educational services through scores of worksphops and training courses for actors, directors and playwigths. Teatro IATI's staff is headed by ACE-Award winner Vivian Deangelo as Artistitic and Executive Director, Winston Estevez (Associate Artistic Director) and Germán Baruffi (Marketing and Production Manager).

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