Monday, August 24, 2009

Young Lords 40th Anniversary Was Celebrated Yesterday

The confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court has stirred a wide sense of pride among Puerto Ricans, but some of the roots of that pride took hold four decades ago, when a group of young activists decided it was time to reverse social inequalities in their community ... read more

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  1. Okay, the YLP had its moment, and some of its members actually went on to build institutions. But please, let's not let nostalgia cloud our minds. Some of the recent "coverage" is either revisionist or ahistorical. Let's face it, some of the "leaders" went on to do some rather dubious things which went against their so-called revolutionary principles. And let's not forget the beat-downs that went down in the latter years.

    Worse, implicit in some of these odes to the YLP is the lack of any context: there was a generation of leaders and activists who built institutions, forged coalitions and brought about change without self destructive babble. But they get no props. Nor do the groups who came after the Lords, who did very mundane but necessary tenant organizing and held officials and landlords accountable without having to resort to pseudo-militaristic costumes and rituals.

    They took over a church for 11 days and the next thing you know, they have elevated it to the level of Luther nailing the 99 Theses. They divert an xray truck and the next thing you know, it's as if they invented penicillin. Now they claim to have invented the pride that led to Sotomayor's nomination.




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