Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Review: Eduardo Galeano's "Mirrors" By Jonathan Blitzer (The Brooklyn Rail)

This newly translated book by the author of Open Veins of Latin America captures Galeano at his best – impassioned, principled, every bit the ideologue and the partisan, and yet, irreverent, endlessly skeptical, self-aware ... read more

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  1. Blitzer's piece is a concise X-ray not only of "Mirrors" but also of the very personal style of Eduardo Galeano - a style that is, at once, political and philosophical, and that is imbued with a contemporary fiction-like nuance that brings it alive. It is precisely this irreverent colloquial style, which also has a literary fineness to it, that has made the Uruguayan writer so universally understood and popular. Blitzer's article captures and examines the essence of that style.



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