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INTERNATIONAL LATINO BOOK AWARD (Best Reference Book in English, 2011)

A Sourcebook

With a foreword by ANDREW DELBANCO

   A rich anthology of the history, ethnicity, language and culture of a city with the largest and most diverse Hispanic population in the country. -- 

     “A biography of New York, a portrait of the city – past, present, and future – as it’s been constituted by Spaniards and Latin Americans ...”  
JONATHAN BLITZER (Word Without Borders)

The publication of Hispanic New York: A Sourcebook marks a significant milestone in Nueva York studies as an interdisciplinary, multinational field with hemispheric and transatlantic scope. 
CATHARINE E. WALL (World Literature Today

            “A must read..." 
Ramona Hernández (Latino Studies)

A compelling case for New York as a paradigm of the Latinization of the U.S., Hispanic New York is the ultimate reference book on the city’s Latino, Latin American & Iberian  cultural heritage.


“This fine sourcebook takes us on a lively, thoughtful tour of a city that many writers, artists, and cultural historians have long known but have found hard to define. With a breadth of vision that reminds us America is two continents, Remeseira has gathered a prime selection of writers and thinkers to present a kaleidoscopic, complex whole. Hispanic New York emerges as a hybrid space, a juncture where Hispanics, Latinos, Latin Americans, or any other nation-specific name they choose to call themselves may understand their past and transform it into new cultural forms.” SUSANA TORRUELA LEVAL, Director Emerita, El Museo del Barrio

"In these times in which some sectors of the country choose to forget the contributions we Latinos make to this country that has taken us in and to the world, a new book does its part in helping us all remember...An amusing literary and cultural tour of this city that has, for such a long time now, defined the immagrant spirit of the United States, and without forgetting that America refers to two continents and not just to a single country...A book to be shared, to be kept and to build awareness." ANJANETTE DELGADO, Emmy-Award Winner, author of The Heartbreak Pill

“Sometimes a new anthology can be more than a convenient assemblage of previously scattered documents. I think of The Puritans (1938), edited by Perry Miller and Thomas H. Johnson, which permanently changed the way we understand the legacy of early New England to American culture; or Understanding Poetry (published in the same year), edited by Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren, which influenced—even controlled—how poetry was read and taught for decades. Claudio Iván Remeseira’s Hispanic New York is such a book.”  ANDREW DELBANCO, author of The Real American Dream
Hispanic New York - A 576-page volume containing classic selections from José Martí, Bernardo Vega, and Walt Whitman to contemporary authors such as Jack Agüeros, Virginia Sánchez Korrol, Antonio Muñoz Molina, Frances Negrón-Muntaner, Ed Morales, Milagros Ricourt, Frank M.Figueroa, Clara E. Rodríguez, Luis Pérez-Oramas and Ana Celia Zentella, among others 
- A collection of authoritative texts cutting across Latino/a, Latin American, and American Studies; English, Spanish and comparative literature; U.S., Latin American and Caribbean history; studies on race and ethnicity; and an array of disciplines spanning the humanities and social sciences, from anthropology, urban studies and political science to socio-linguistics, ethnomusicology and art history
- A compelling case for New York as a paradigm of the Latinization of the United States
- An updated bibliography of primary and secondary sources, from the history of the different Latino communities, to the vast English- and Spanish-language literature by people of Hispanic descent who wrote in or about New York
- The ultimate reference book for college and high school students, teachers, scholars, librarians, journalists, and the general public

Hispanic New York -- A must-read for anyone interested in the contributions made by Latinas and Latinos to the U.S. national identity and to the interconnections between the English- and Spanish-speaking worlds.


HISPANIC NEW YORK edited by Claudio Iván Remeseira (576 pages) paper copies ISBN 978-0-231-14819-1 regular price $29.95. Cloth copies ISBN 978-0-231-14818-4 regular price $89.50, $71.60 after discount. Regular shipping and handling costs apply.


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