Saturday, June 12, 2010

Book Reviews: "Hispanic New York" (Columbia U.Press, 2010) - By Anjanette Delgado (Siempre

In these times in which some sectors of the country choose to forget the contributions we Latinos make to this country that has taken us in and to the world, a new book does its part in helping us all remember...An amusing literary and cultural tour of this city that has, for such a long time now, defined the immagrant spirit of the United States, and without forgetting that America refers to two continents and not just to a single country...A book to be shared, to be kept and to build awareness ...  read more here (In Spanish) (English translation by Dan Newland)

Anjanette Delgado is an Emmy award-winning writer and producer. Her first novel, The Heartbreak Pill (published by Simon & Schuster’s Atria Books in 2008) won the 2009 Latino Book Award for Best Novel/ Romance/English. The Spanish-language version of the novel, entitled La píldora del mal amor, was granted the 2010 Latino Triple Crown Award at the 12th Annual International Latino Book Awards. She writes a blog called The Wise Latina Woman Blog.

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