Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Midterm Election: Latino Voters Left Their Mark - By Angela Maria Kelley et al. (The Sentinel)

Latino voters had a lot to be steamed about in this midterm election. Their turnout protected incumbent senators in Nevada, Colorado, and California and decided the balance of power in the upper chamber ... read more

Latino Election Eve Poll Results (Latino Decisions)Post-Election Day: The Impact of the Latino Vote - By Ray Suarez (Destination Casa Blanca)

Midterm Results Show Latino Republicans Don't Have a Latino Constituency - By Rodolfo de la Garza (It's a Free Country Blog)
Marco Rubio: Latino or not? By Mario Salazar (The Washington Times)
A moderate electorate and polarized politicians - By Patricio Navia (Buenos Aires Herald)

Watch it here: Latino Turnout an the Impact of Latino Vote (Destination Casa Blanca)

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