Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lauren Vélez Stars in La Lupe's Encore - By Erasmo Guerra (Daily News)

Nearly two decades after her death,  Guadalupe Victoria Yolí Raymond (La Lupe)'s feverish performances are resurrected by Brooklyn-born actress Lauren Vélez at Teatro La Tea ... read more

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  1. I don't understand why people do this. I can accept a difference of opinion but an outright lie is hard to swallow. Did this writer actually attend the performance because if he did how can he write this? Isn't reporting about being honest? I don't know of one person who saw this show and didn't walk away disappointed. I saw this performance and as much as I like the actress Ms. Velez, this was awful! For starters you cannot depict a singer if YOU DON'T SING!!! As for depicting La Lupe... What were you thinking Lauren? There was reverb in abundance to make up for the weak pipes. Ms. Velez is no singer period! La Lupe was a force to be reckoned with and while I didn't think anyone would ever be able to play her I must say Sully Diaz's performance in her own version of the sirens life was truly Uncanny! I forgot an actress was portraying her and was completely transported to La Lupe's time period. AND Ms. Diaz doesn't look anything like La Lupe while Ms. Velez bears some resemblance! The reverb, awful as it may be at that level, on the norm, actually helped with making Ms. Velez's voice sound like an old recording, a phonograph which was strange but nostalgic. It made it sound like a radio but still none the less, inaudible.

    My understanding is that Ms. Velez has been doing this for some time and I can't understand why. While I get she is a fan that alone does not give her the talent she would need to pull such a huge and I mean of biblical proportions huge. She has to know it doesn't work or does she surround herself with Yes people... That must be it.

    The play itself was not an interesting story at all! I was bored to death and a few people left during intermission. I didn't leave because I felt badly for the actress and was truly rooting for her. But she just did not bring it at all! She came off needy which is something La Lupe was NOT! She needed the audience to love her and they wanted to love her as well. They love La Lupe's songs and every woman over a certain age and Gay man in the house was singing along which meant you heard Ms. Velez less... Which was a good thing.

    The writers used this piece as an anti Cuba propaganda piece period! It was less about the artist and more about their hatred for Castro which give me more insight into the writers than I care to have. I'm not interested in their politics, I wanted to feel the woman and her music PERIOD!



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