Friday, December 23, 2011

Theater: Begonya Plaza's "Teresa's Ecstasy" To Premiere March 2012

Carlotta is searching for her lost luggage, for a final end to her marriage, and for her connection to a 14th-century nun ... read more

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  1. Money in circulation is God in action. Thank you, and Gracias! To all of you who help make this live theater a success. For what is our life without inspiring art that speaks to our culture.
    Teresa's Ecstasy is a two-act play that will premier Off-Broadway, March, 2012, at the historic Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC. This is mystical journey of change and defiance as opposing sexually charged forces look at love, politics and religion. The setting is Barcelona where boundaries of culture, race and language dissolve as tolerance awakens within this provocative love triangle. Will Pomerantz directs Shawn Elliott, Linda Larkin, and Begonya Plaza. Jack Sharkey and Jennifer Conley Darling produce. Visit us at: - and give to us freely of your seed money, your support, your attendance.



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