Thursday, January 12, 2012

Op-Ed: The Next Immigration Challenge - By Dowell Myers (The New York Times)

The immigration crisis that has roiled American politics for decades has faded into history ... read more

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  1. Mr. Myers,

    Your article reveals a lack of accurate information and a very skewed perspective of what is truly taking place. Please come and visit us here in Phoenix, AZ where you can experience firsthand the impact of ILLEGAL immigration here in this state. Those who come to this nation legally are not the problem and never have been. It is the illegals that concern us.

    Illegal aliens may only survive in this nation by participating in one or more illegal, law-breaking practices. Among those are stealing identities and SSNs, conducting an illegal enterprise such as dealing or smuggling drugs or human smuggling, burglary and shoplifting, and more. People that arrive in this nation under these circumstances are clearly stating that they have no regard for our laws or desire to respect and obey them.

    Let's get back to the stolen identity and other forms of fraud. Did you know that often there are many adult illegals all living in the same address, pooling the money they earned illegally, yet claiming to be the sole supporter and income provider? This way, they receive food stamps, rent assistance, and free health care... all at Arizona taxpayer expense, while they combine the incomes of every adult living illegally at their address. This fraud allows them to live quite well! No wonder they want to come here - stories such as yours make them sound like they are the victims! Here in Arizona, it is clearly the legal citizens and taxpayers who are being victimized!

    You commented that all of these illegals should be welcomed to English class. Did you know that, for those that do not speak any English, most of them have no real desire to learn English? No, they want to come in, run their illegal op, depend on someone else who can communicate English when needed, and run away with our money or our belongings and support their base back in the countries they came from.

    Did you know that almost every day here in Arizona, a drop house bust is reported in the news? Or a seriously overloaded vehicle carrying illegals being smuggled into this nation is stopped... sometimes after causing a serious accident on our roadways? Did you know that the cost to the state of Arizona to support illegal aliens is a staggering $1 billion per year?

    I suspect that you do not know these things because you choose to ignore them. It's warm and sunny here in Phoenix, and everybody wants to come here this time of year.
    I suggest you pay us a visit. And stay out of the tourist areas. Drive around the communities where we live. Talk to local law enforcement. If you're feeling brave, drive down to the desert near the border ... take Interstate 8 and go to Yuma. I have no doubt that you will walk away with a different viewpoint of this whole thing.



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