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TV / The Other African-Americans: Films from the Caribbean & Latin America (City Cinematheque)

   Feb - March 2012
The best in world cinema is showcased in City CinemathequeHosted by Professor Jerry Carlson and co-produced with the Department of Media and communication Arts of The City College, CUNY, each film is followed by lively discussion with scholars, film professionals and critics.

Saturday & Sunday nights at 9:00 PM, repeated the following Friday night at 12:00 Midnight. Hosted by Jerry Carlson. 

Haiti, Chérie
Haïti, Chérie 
Feb. 4-5/10 

(2007/Italy-Dominican Republic, 103 min., color, drama, in Haitian and Spanish with English subtitles) Director: Claudio Del Punta. Cast: Valentin Valdez, Yeraini Cuevas, Jean Marie Guerin, Juan Carlos Campos. Jean-Baptiste and Magdaleine are a married couple from Haiti who have migrated to the Dominican Republic, where they work long hours in the sugar cane fields. A tragedy and an attempted rape convince them to try to escape the plantation and return to an uncertain future in Haiti. Discussion guest: Lyn Di Iorio, The City College/CUNY. Distributor: Lee Krugman & Associates.

Feb. 11-12/17
(2005/Brazil, 102 min., color, drama, in Portuguese with English subtitles) Directors: Paulo Betti & Clovis Bueno. Cast: Lázaro Ramos, Leona Cavalli, Leandro Firmino, Alexandre Rodrigues. Biopic of Joao de Camargo (1858-1942), a former slave in the interior of Brazil who became a legendary spiritual leader and healer during some of Brazil's most turbulent times. Guest: C. Daniel Dawson, independent scholar. Distributor: Lee Krugman & Associates.

Ava and GabrielAva and Gabriel
Feb. 18-19/24

(1990, Holland/Curacao, 100 min., color, drama, in Dutch and Papamientu with English subtitles) Dir.: Felix de Rooy. Cast: Nashaira Desbarida, Cliff San-A-Jong, Theu Boermans, Carol Brown Winkel. In Curacao in the late 1940s, a painter of Surinamese origin arrives from Holland to paint a mural of the Virgin Mary. His presence disrupts the community to a degree of tragic dimensions. Photographed by Ernest Dickerson. Discussion Guest: Gabri Christa, Dutch Consulate. Distrib.: ArtMattan Productions, NYC. 

On the Verge of a FeverOn the Verge of a Fever
Feb. 25-26/March 2

(2004/Canada-Haiti, 88 min., color, drama, in French with English subtitles) Director: John L'Ecuyer. Cast: Lansana Kourouma, Uly Darly, Mireille Metellus, Koumba Ball. Against the backdrop of poverty, fear and the brutal dictatorship of Haiti in 1971, Fanfan, a 15-year-old boy, lives a somewhat sheltered life with his protective mother. After a terrifying incident involving the Tonton-Macoute (secret police), Fanfan decides to hide out at his beautiful neighbor's house for the weekend. There, he is trapped between his fear of being caught and the fulfilling of his deepest fantasy. Based on a book by famous Haitian novelist Dany Laferriere. Guest: Thomas Spear, Lehman College/CUNY. Distributor: Artmattan Productions, NYC.

Good-Bye MomoGoodbye Momo
March 3-4/9

(2005/Uruguay, 100 min., color, drama, in Spanish with English subtitles) Director: Leonardo Ricagni. Cast: Mathias Acuña, Jorge Esmoris, Washington Luna. Obdulio is an 11-year-old Afro-Uruguayan boy who lives with his grandmother and sells newspapers for a living while he cannot read or write. Obdulio is not interested in going to school until he finds out that the night watchman of the newspaper's office is a charismatic magical "Maestro" who not only introduces him to the world of literacy but also teaches him the real meaning of life through the lyrics of the "Murgas" (Carnival Pierrots) during the mythical nights of the irreverent and provocative Uruguayan carnival. Discussion Guest: Carlos Riobo. The City College/CUNY. Distributor: Artmattan Productions, NYC.
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