Monday, March 19, 2012

Hollywood's Fake Latinos - By Jesse Schedeen (IGN)

Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins -- Will Ferrell is just the last in a long series of actors of no-Hispanic heritage who have played the part ... read more

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  1. You know who really bugs the hell out of me is the guy who plays the latino role on that 70's show! I do not know what kinda of up bringing he had and forgive my judgement. But he really takes all the progress that we as latino's have tryed to build and destroys that work. With out sounding like a violent human somebody ought to give that guy a swift kick in the ass!!! It seems to me that he would do anything anybody in a position of power within the TV and Film industy would tell him to do. Its a sad state of affairs that a latino man would act like that. I imagine that there are young latino kids that think that in order to get anywhere within the show bussiness community that they must be timid,we are below you,and for the lack of a better state of words ass kissing people that will belittle ourselves.So that we might be on your TV show.



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