Monday, November 5, 2012

TV / 'Witness: Juárez': Documenting the Murder Capital of the World (HBO)

Witness, a four-part documentary series from award-winning filmmaker Michael Mann
Witness: Juárez follows combat photographer Eros Hoagland as he explores Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, where drug violence has left over 10,000 dead.

Premieres Monday, November 5th, 9 pm ET/PT

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  1. 10,000 people dead in just a few years, fighting the US lost "fast and furious" #drug War AND still waiting for justice, BUT IS JUST FAIR TO SAY that we who love and fight for Juárez have won our personal war against violence, our city Now, is NOT THE MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD ANY MORE, our crime rates have drop up to 94% we will soon compete with El Paso to be one of the safest cities around, it's already a great place for fun, to invest and visit. We are expecting more than 100,000 people to visit us this Christmas and please excuse my poor english.



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