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La Comay: Kobbo Santarrosa, Puppeteer Behind Controversy in Puerto Rico, Quits TV Show

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La Comay and screen partner Héctor Travieso: Out by popular demand (Foto: WAPA TV )
Puerto Rican actor and producer Antulio "Kobbo" Santarrosa, the voice behind the puppet La Comay,  main attraction of Puerto Rico's WAPA-TV show SuperXclusivo, resigned to the program on Wednesday after a three-week-long boycott and social media campaign launched in protest of his controversial comments on the violent death of publicist José Enrique Gómez Saladín (see below). Read more at Latino Rebels

Listen to the comments that created the outrage (In Spanish):

Throughut its 14-year run, the show--one of the most popular in Puerto Rico--, raised many complaints from LGBT and human rights groups because of Santarrosa/La Comay's often bigoted and homophobic comments. The puppet was also well-known for its blunt questioning of local politicians and other public figures. for Santarrosa's resignation was confirmed to Primera Hora by WAPA's Presidente Joe Ramos.


New York's Spanish-language paper El Diario reports also rumors that the show and its puppet star could get a new contract in Miami-based Mega TV network. If that were the case, the boycott would likely follow La Comay to its new home. In this op-ed, columnist Dolores Prida ponders the conflict between the rightful struggle against hate speech and freedom of speech.

La Comay: TV Station Says It Will No Longer Be a Live Show
Posted: December 21, 2012 | 12:30 a.m. ET

Following the boycott on the controversial comments made by La Comay, a stuffed lifesized puppet animated by comedian Antulio ‘Kobbo’ Santarrosa, WAPA TV announced that from now on the show will be taped ... Read more at HuffPost Latino Voices 
A Bigoted Puppet Triggers Heated Controversy in Puerto Rico:

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