Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela, Dies at 58

Hugo Chávez died Tuesday afternoon after a long battle with cancer and only five months after having been reelected for a third time as his country's president, leaving behind a bitterly divided nation and a controversial yet inspiring leadership in Latin America. Read more at The New York Times, ABC News, ABCNews - Univision, CNNFox News Latino, The Guardian, New Yorker NBCLatino, Slate, The Buenos Aires Herald, El UniversalABC, El País, Clarín, La Nación, Página 12


Venezuela Prepares for Chávez State Funeral (Miami Herald) 
Minuto a Minuto, el anuncio de la muerte de Chávez (BBC) 
Cubanos en La Habana reaccionan a la muerte de Cháve (BBC) 
Sean Penn Mourns Venezuelan President. (US magazine) 
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  1. Hugo Chavez is a great leader , but Venezuela with its great people will find a good replacement. may Allah rest his soul in Peace.

  2. His death would no doubt be mourned by all those countries and their leaders to whom he had helped with largess coming from the oil wealth. For them he was a beacon of light. The late leader had no doubt done a lot to ameliorate the lot of the poor and the downtrodden for which he would be remembered by them for all times to come. But one cannot forget though one should not criticise a person who is no more that the Venezuelan President had unnecess- arily embittered his country's relations with America. He was also not very circumspect in the choice of words he often used against America, its people and even its President. But nonetheless Mr Chevez was a great leader who would find an honourable place in the history of his country.



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